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PM-1200 Mid Speed Planer Matcher

Download PDF brochure here.

Smaller Planer Mills have been ignored by the Large Mill demands for Faster, Faster, Faster.  The 3,500 FPM  Production Rate is way beyond the requirements of the majority of small mills who need to run at a steady 1,000 to 1,200 feet per minute for one or two shifts 5 days a week.

The PM-1200 Mid Speed Planer Matcher comes equipped with an Overhead Tensioning Feed System that provides smooth efficient feeding with butted or gapped lumber.  Add in the Optional Wolftek Dynamic Tensioning Controls for higher speed performance up to 1,800 fpm.

All cutterheads are interchangeable between all spindles, top, bottom, right or left.  With Quick change spindles and hydraulic locking cutterheads, tool changes can be accomplished in approximately 15 minutes per spindle.

  • Electric drive with feed speeds up to 1,200 fpm.
  • Quick Change Hydraulic locking cutterheads with 3-1/4” diameter spindles for all heads.
  • Full Dimension planer with a capacity of 15” x 6”.
  • Heavy Duty 1” thick steel plate frame members.
  • All weldments are oven stress relieved prior to machining.
  • 11-3/4” Diameter reversible feed rolls.
  • Overhead Dynamic Tensioning of feed rolls with Force Control For Smooth Feeding.
  • Servo Positioning for top head and side head set works.
  • Quick-set Simultaneous bottom roll setting.
  • Up to 200 hp on top head, 150 hp on bottom head and 75 hp on side heads.
  • Optional MidRoll for True Pull Through Feeding


Newman Machine Company is proud to Introduce the New PM-1200 Mid Speed Planer Matcher

The PM-1200 is a heavy-duty Planer Matcher built for the needs of the small to medium production mill.  It will produce high quality 4 side planed Lumber from 300 fpm to 1,200 fpm.  The PM-1200 Planer Matcher is Equipped with 3-1/4 ” Quick Change Spindles. The Hydraulic Locking Cutterheads have a 13-3/8″ cutting circle and will accommodate up to 24 knives ea.  The PM-1200 comes standard with a Rockwell Contrologix PLC, Panelview HMI controls and Automatic Setworks for the Top and Side heads using Servo Setworks.  The Feed Rolls are individually powered by 20 hp gearmotors and coupled with Heavy Duty Universal Drive Shafts.

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